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ROCK Launches

“Sparky” motors (such as the “Metalstorm” motors from Aerotech) may not be flown at ROCK launches. All such motors are classified as “high-power” motors even if they are designated as G motors or lower. Our launch site does not meet the requirements for high-power launches. We also have to be especially careful about the risk of file (or the perception of the risk) since we fly on a field within the Little Big Econ State Forest.


Yes, of course!  You’re welcome to join us at our monthly launch even if you only wish to observe.

ROCK doesn’t charge any fee for prople who attend just to watch the launches, but we are required to collect $2 from each person (over age 6) which is the Forestry Service’s charge for using the park.

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All you need to bring to a ROCK club launch are your rockets and supplies (motors, wadding, etc). The club provides launch pads and controllers. You might also consider water, sunscreen, a camp chair, and other non-rocketry items.

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NAR membership is not required to be a member of ROCK or to fly at our launches.

However, we strongly encourage joining NAR!

The benefits to joining NAR include support of the hobby at a national level, a subscription to the excellent Sport Rocketry magazine, and a $2 Million insurance policy covering your rocketry activities. NAR membership also allows you to compete in local, regional, and national rocketry competitions. Visit www.nar.org  for all the details and benefits.

Keep in mind, that our NAR section insurance does not cover your rocket activity, only our section liability. NAR’s section insurance protects just the club and the launch site’s landowners.  If you join NAR, your membership includes personal insurance that protexts you anytime you fly rockets – at a club launch or not – as long as you abide by the NAR safety codes and membership rules .

No, although we hope you will decide to join ROCK, you are welcome to attend one of our launches and fly your rockets even if you are not a member of ROCK.

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