Launch Recap for June 7, 2014

What a great restart to flying!  After two scrubs this year due to wet field conditions or rain, we were eager to fly.  Despite of the rather warm June Florida heat and humidity, we had a great day!  A warm welcome to our new flyers! (literally warm!)

In addition, we had perhaps the largest turnout in our Section history.  We were really excited to have two Cub Scout packs (Pack 529 and 931?) and Episcopal school honors group join us for our launch.  75 flyers joined together to also send up a likely record number of launches —107 in just over 4 hours!  Thanks to all for your kind cooperation and willingness to work with us to process all of the launches.  We hope that you all had a wonderful launch experience. We look forward to having you again!

Thank you too to our regulars for your assistance, patience, and willingness to assist these young flyers.  We really appreciate your help.  From what we know, we lost only one small boost glider.  Given some of the trajectories, and the number of flights, this is amazing.  I know that I missed some of the flights while looking for Big Betty, but I still did not hear of a single lost rocket.

With these record breaking conditions we flew from 1/2A to G motors, staged, gliders and other specialty rockets.  Check back to see if Roger got your rocket flying with his video drone!

Thanks to Roger and Bracha with JonRocket and Tom Tweit for their continued support and supply at our launches.  Thanks to Roger and Bracha with JonRocket and Tom Tweit for their continued support and supply at our launches.  Keep an eye out for Roger’s aerial photos of the launch in the June 2014 ROCK Launch photo album at

 We do plan to fly in July. Come out and share in the fun.  Bring your gliders, your helicopter recovery, your high fliers!  We’ll make room for you.

 Thanks for joining us for rocket flying fun!

Number of Flights: 107
A451 3stage, 1 two stage
C271 two stage
Total Number of Motors: 111
Approximate Total Impulse: 262.19 Ns (equivalent to a medium H motor)
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