Launch Recap for October 3, 2015

Great launch day! Especially after the very wet summer. We appreciate your flexibility for not parking on the field since the ditches were very wet. Also, thanks for bearing with the tall grass. We’ll try to remedy that by November.

Field was dry! Grass was high. Had a great time!

Welcome to all of our new flyers with all of your creativity including the ROTC team! I appreciate all your help in setting up this morning. Flyers, we loved seeing your new models and had fun watching your birds soar high! I hope that we see you again soon with more new birds to fly!

With the variable winds, and the low ceiling, we were skeptical if we would turning around for home. However, the clouds burned off, we had great visibility, and managed to lose a few rockets. That could be expected given that we had so many flights. Note that we had a number of D and E launches too–even with the clouds. We had no issues with visibility.

See you in November!

Number of Flights: 71
B292x 2 Stage
C201X 2 Stage
Total Number of Motors: 74
Approximate Total Impulse: 170.62 Ns (equivalent to a small H motor)
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