Launch Recap for November 5, 2016

Fall always brings wonderfully cooler conditions(hardly cool–but by comparison to July—85 degrees is WONDERFUL!).  Except for variable winds up to 27 MPH which halted  our operations the full blue sky and lots of fliers made for a great day!

Welcome to all who joined us particularly our first timers!  We really enjoyed being with you, growing in skill, and having a “blast”(off) with you!  Welcome to the new fliers too.  We trust that you found our welcome mat fully extended and our launch location most helpful.  I know that we did see some rockets float over the trees into areas adjoining our site despite our attempts to manage otherwise.  I don’t know of any lost ones.  Let me know if I’m mistaken.

Thanks Brian C. for your serving as LCO for another full day.   The launch count surprised even me, particularly given the winds, but many of you took advise to use smaller motors and streamers.

Thanks to everyone with their helpfulness, patience in getting onto the pads, and help setting up and tearing down.  We enjoyed seeing all of your nicely done rockets, particularly the unusual saucers or odd shaped ones.

Thanks also to Little Big Econ State Forest for allowing us to use the field, and allowing us to serve the community, help others with learning about safe rocketry.

See you in December?  We will be sending out an email asking if you plan to join us Saturday December 3, conditions permitting.

Number of Flights: 63
A241 Two Stage
C161 Two Stage
Total Number of Motors: 81
Approximate Total Impulse: 184.53 Ns (equivalent to a small H motor)
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