Launch Recap for April 4, 2015

109 Flights … another new record!

The number of flights and motors topped our January record–by ONE! (NOTE: I corrected a mistake on the number of flights in Jan.)  The total impulse for all motors certainly exceeded January–by 100 N/Secs!  This certainly showed how fliers felt about flying high today!

January and March both brought bad news about the field condition.  Rather than a field, we had more of a swamp.  This is good for our State Forest and State water needs, but nasty for flying.  Today’s conditions were anything but bad–Bright blue skies, warm temps, and low wind conditions were ideal for launch.   As a result, we saw a much higher impulse count and nearly broke our January flight record.  Still, some rockets managed to “disappear”–by flying farther horizontally than desired.  One went north, did land in the field, another managed to find easterly high level winds and flew to the coast (maybe?) and one took along the launch rod for a due south flight.  Otherwise, the “rocket eating trees” stayed hungry!

Welcome to you new flyers with all of your creativity including Boy Scouts!   We certainly saw a variety of  models and hope that you bring many more in May.   Thank you all for your patience with the controller issues, the longer lines, and our checks on your birds to make them fly well.  Most flew as expected– a few tried sky writing, and some just needed more power!  Brian, thank you for manning the LCO position AGAIN without a break!  (I think that he really enjoys keeping everybody in line–That would be on the flight line!)

Several new ideas debuted with Chris M’s “Spud-nik”, Carl C’s Little Joe two as a final for production, and Tom T flew some new “square” rockets.  Notable flights included Caden’s Quesar One, Milie’s LOC Aura, Halley’s Ghoster(Mustang), Chris’ Cosmic Intercepter, Alex’s 4″ diameter paper Saturn V,  Tom T’s “Harold the purple crayon” pierced the blue with a G-64, and Ed’s Skull Fins topped the impulse ladder with  a G-80.   Multiple staged flights, multiple cluster flights, and multiple glider flights all graced the skies.

Welcome Susan and Miew with your TARC design and we look forward to your successful qualification next year.

Thank you Roger and Bracha of Jon Rocket  and Tom T. for being on site for supporting our section and launches.  Jim, thanks for confirming that the field was dry with your stomp test!

See you on May 2, weather and field conditions permitting!

Number of Flights: 109
B342- 2 stage flights
C412-3 cluster flights
D141- 2 stage flight
Total Number of Motors: 115
Approximate Total Impulse: 394.38 Ns (equivalent to a small I motor)
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