Launch Recap for August 6, 2016

Hot! Humid!  (Surprise!)

Yesterday was another beautiful day with decent conditions,  reasonable visibility, and heavier winds.  We missed you!

Welcome to all who joined us and particularly to the UCF Aeronautics Summer Aeronautics Crew!    We’re really pleased to be able to supply the launch venue for you to grow your rocketry skills!  We wish that the winds would have cooperated better so as to fly more of your rockets.  Thanks to the help from those who found your one rocket.  Only one still MIA.

Thanks also to everyone with their helpfulness, patience in getting onto the pads, and help setting up and tearing down.

A big thank you to the Orlando Sentinel for their great coverage of our launch and activity.  You can see some photos here:

Speaking of coverage…. The Orange County Library Alafaya branch is sponsoring a rocket build event in late September.  The link to register is:    Dates are 9/27-9/29 starting at 6:30pm each night at:  12000 E Colonial Dr, Orlando 32826

We are also very grateful to the Little Big Econ State Forest for allowing us to use the field thereby allowing us to serve the community and help others with learning about safe rocketry.

Our next launch is scheduled for September 3!  See you then.

Number of Flights: 48
A141 Two Stage, 1 Cluster-2
B252 x 4 clusters
Total Number of Motors: 61
Approximate Total Impulse: 270.47 Ns (equivalent to a large H motor)
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