Launch Recap for December 1, 2018

Although today’s weather was a bit questionable in terms of  precipitation, we did not experience any while I was at the field.  Most likely, those who like the warm and humid temperatures were enjoying “not hot but a still nice” Florida “fall” day.

We are so glad to have you visit and fly with us.  Great job to all who kept their flying confined to the field especially given the winds from the south. Some of the rockets lived up to their name, including drifter. A long recovery put it way up into the fields to the north. I think I saw it recovered.

Remember to contact Pat McCarthy regarding volunteer participation in  NARCON 2019,  at Port Canaveral CCAFS March 1-3, 2019.  More information can be found on the website.  Keep an eye out for updates as we get closer.

Have a great holiday season and see you next year!.

Number of Flights: 59
B222 x 2 stage
C141 x 2 stage
D71 x 2 stage
Total Number of Motors: 63
Approximate Total Impulse: 186.09 Ns (equivalent to a small H motor)
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