Launch Recap for December 2, 2006

Another day of great flying! Welcome to all!

Gliders and copters were definitely out today. We logged 63 flights across motor classes A thru F. With minimal wind and partly cloudy skies, we had prime flying conditions for the gliders and copters that flew. Unfortunately, Kyle C. did lose his long flying Rotaroc gyroc to a rather tall tree over 1000 feet from the pads! Tom D’s replacement “it’s supposed to do that” streamer recovery “Lawn Dart III” on a B6-4 performed well and “stuck” the nose as designed. Brian C shot his handsome Shrox StarShuttle on a great flight, and managed to skim the low branches of a tree. He let out a big “Yahoo!” as the booster touched down. The Shuttle flew nicely.

With the favorable winds, we had plenty of excellent flying into the adjoining fields. Lots of great “rotoing” and “gliding”.

Many thanks to Roger and Bracha for their donated RTF rocket for Marc D to get a taste of flying. Marc, we enjoyed your enthusiasm for rocketry!

Roger shot his Silver Hawk glider , Sparrow, and Astrobee D; Tom D, his Space Shuttle, Split Shuttle, and SR-72 Darkbird; and Mike Kiss his Spaceship One. Kyle and Amanda C their Rotorocs, Brian C a C-pter. Madeleine and Jack both returned , with a new Skywriter. Dan W. braved flights with his “Mustang” and his “Meltdown” on and F21s. Both flew nicely on the upside. The streamer on the Meltdown bird was slightly undersized and came back a little faster than expected. The next flights included undersized parachutes which yielded a much gentler touchdown.

Number of Flights: 63
Total Number of Motors: 62
Approximate Total Impulse: 240.00 Ns (equivalent to a medium H motor)
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