Launch Recap for December 4, 2021

What a great day!

At first, I thought it would be another quiet day, like November.  But you just kept coming. We had 50 persons in our event and did 100 launches!!  So great to have all of yout join us!

We had no trouble finding rockets that landed among the bunches of mowed grass!  We did find one rocket eating tree, a big one, and ended up decorating the top branches with a nice rocket.  Maybe in January we will be able to find that the wind helped “un-decorate” and be able to recover.  Kirby’s 50′ pole was not enough.  Speaking of Kirby, thank you for your help as LCO.   It sure helped me while trying to troubleshoot issues with the away pad.  I still haven’t figured that one out.  Hmmm??…  control 1 launches 2, 2 launches 3, 3 launches 4, and 4 launches 1??  Really? The wiring is keyed.  That’s impossible.  Apparently not. we proved it with Rick’s 4 cluster Shadow.  It’s in the tree. 🙁

Welcome too all new fliers! We’re really glad you could join us with your new rockets. Welcome also to the new and returning adult modelers. We hope that you had a fun time and will fly with us again in January.  Speaking of January, we plan to launch on January 8.  We will not be launching on New Year’s Day.

Thanks too  Roger and Chris for your help during the launch and others for your help setting up and tearing down. You made a difference!

Do you still have rockets waiting to get off the ground?  Consider giving it a go with us in January. Hope to see you then!  In the meanwhile, enjoy some wonderful time with family in this Holiday season.  I’ll be celebrating Christmas with 3 of my kids and their families.  So, excited.  Maybe I’ll have a new rocket to fly in January along with you?

Hey, go back to November after you are done here and see all the pics there!  Lot’s of fun flight shots.

See you then,


Number of Flights: 100
A371 two stage
C291 two stage
D81 cluster of 4
Total Number of Motors: 106
Approximate Total Impulse: 200.00 Ns (equivalent to a small H motor)
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