Launch Recap for December 5, 2015

When your rocket flies off the rod, takes a left turn instead of a right, you know that things may not turn out as you hoped…

This could easily describe the aspects of Saturday’s launch that kept life interesting, to say the least. Though the rains did not materialize and blue sky appeared after the early morning misting clouds passed, the calm air took on a very varied wind pattern that caused our launches to be affected too. Though we were well below limits for safe flights on the ground, upper level currents seemed very different.

No motors above C impulse were flown.
Most rockets flew on streamer recovery systems.
Larger rockets easily weather cocked in the varied ground winds.
All but one of the rockets tended to fly into the wind and follow predicted take off paths, but almost all whooshed past across the field propelled by very strong upper current winds starting at about 200 feet.

The one that went left, landed in a tree. Another smaller rocket nose cone was left in a tree. We did well at recovery. Thanks Kirby!

Our one other notable event for the day was a dual cato in a Dueses Wild flying on two Estes C6-5 engines. Both of the engines blew clay caps and ejected whole casings leaving the owner an opportunity to build again. Do send your claim into Estes!

Hopefully, January 5 will be more suitable for launching for both us and NASA! Have wonderful holidays and see you January 2, 2016!

Number of Flights: 44
C201 cluster of 2
Total Number of Motors: 44
Approximate Total Impulse: 75.00 Ns (equivalent to a large F motor)
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