Launch Recap for December 6, 2014

Ideal Day for flying.

Calm to maybe 5 mph winds with a moderate made for ideal conditions for our launch day.  I must admit that I was concerned with the late in week rains making the field a swamp.  We did have some puddles and wet spots to work around, but didn’t have any splashdowns!

So, the bigger rockets definitely came out!  One look at the impulse counts shows a much greater confidence in limited down range travel due to  wind.  As a result we did have some rockets manage to find the “rocket eating trees”.  I believe only one remained captive.

Welcome to all of our new flyers with all of your creativity!  We loved seeing all of your new models and hope that you bring many more in January.  We really hope that you found our launch fun and our launch pads accessible.  We had a bit more line up today with so many fliers.  Welcome too Winter Park High School TARC team.  We are glad to have you and look forward to your qualifying flights.

Roger and Bracha’s photos from the flight are in a Photo Album.

May you have a wonderful holiday season.  See you in 2015!

Number of Flights: 85
B231-2 stage, 2 cluster flights
C331-2 stage
D71-2 stage
Total Number of Motors: 89
Approximate Total Impulse: 383.28 Ns (equivalent to a small I motor)
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