Launch Recap for February 3, 2018

Mike H. rightly said on the ROCK Facebook site that today was a day of challenges! Despite our precautions, we encountered challenges to keep rockets on the field, challenges to fly with parachutes, challenges to avoid the rocket eating trees to the west and challenges to getting rockets back after landing in the tree tops. One motor decided to be spectacular, but did only damage to the rocket.

Fortunately, not too many rockets were absorbed by the tree canopy, I think that two or 3 managed to stay above pole reach. I know of two. If your rocket was one of them, perhaps you’ll find it on the ground next time. You would not be the first to do so. I have one ready to be delivered to it’s owner from the last launch… Working on delivery arrangements.

We did have a good day, with many new fliers. We hope that you enjoyed hanging out and getting to make some memories. I am particularly fond of seeing parents out with their kids, and the kids out enjoying the wilds. In some regards, the rockets are somewhat extra, making the family time worthwhile. We are glad to both stimulate good family interaction and good, fun, safe model rocketry.

Eighty Six launches! If you look at the motor count below, except for one G motor, it’s obvious that we stayed in the low power impulse range. Hopefully, March will bring a bit of calm and perhaps westerly winds. Get your rockets ready! See you March 3!

Number of Flights: 86
A273 two stage
D73 two stage
Total Number of Motors: 92
Approximate Total Impulse: 195.00 Ns (equivalent to a small H motor)
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