Launch Recap for February 7, 2015

108 Flights … a new record?(corrected by Tom D.)

After January’s bad news about the field conditions, any change toward the positive would be welcome.  Though the wind conditions were not ideal for our launch day, they were manageable.  As a result we did have some rockets manage to find the “rocket eating trees” but they were mostly recovered.  We did have some puddles and wet spots to work around, but only had one splashdown!

Welcome to all of our new flyers with all of your creativity including Cub Scouts!  We loved seeing all of your new models and hope that you bring many more in March.   We had a bit of a longer line today with so many fliers.  114 flights for the day!!  Brian, thank you for manning the LCO position without a break!  Anyone want to help spell him in March so that he can also fly some?

Some of the notable flights included  Kent’s Mean Machine on an F32, Stafford’s Mongoose two stage flew two flights, and Tom T’s “Harold the purple crayon” pierced the blue with a G-88.   Lonnie’s upscale Bandit on a C cluster of 3 took off nicely and Carl’s new beta Little Joe II flew several test flights successfully.

Come out in March to see the new additions.  See you on March 7, weather and field conditions permitting!  More of December photos on Rocket Reviews

December 2014 rack taking off!

Number of Flights: 108
A241(two stage)
B37( 3 two stage)
C40(3 Cluster)
Total Number of Motors: 114
Approximate Total Impulse: 291.25 Ns (equivalent to a large H motor)
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