Launch Recap for January 2, 2016

It was supposed to do that!

These are jovially stated last words for things that don’t quite go as planned. Yes, we do sometimes smile at a delayed deployment parachute that unfurls at the last moment prior to the rocket penetrating the earth. We all know the moment which immediately follows and the air pressure at the launch site goes up a point or two because of the release of all the held breaths and groans or no! no! NO! erupts into jubilation! Whew! It was supposed to do that!

Fortunately, the phrase “All’s well that ends well.” is also rather applicable to launches that should have gone well that didn’t and maybe all that was lost was a rocket. This is saying that best describes one of our launches this month which, except for Tom’s trash bin coming up with a hole, did end well. The rocket didn’t fare as well, but that’s also part of our process of learning and growing in the sport. No injuries, no damage, and hopefully a lot learned!

Also very fortunate were the launch conditions this week. The number of launches and level of motor impulse speaks volume by comparison to last month. The field was mowed, dry(mostly), and the weather very cooperative such that rockets expected to fly last month did this month and most flew incredibly well.

We also had a goodly number of participants, and newly built “gift” rockets that appeared. Some rockets that tried to get away were “spotted” in landing on the ground by Roger’s drone cam. I really appreciated an approximate landing “zone” from Roger–so did Carl! I also think that we scored for a record number of launches this month. I don’t ever recall almost 130 flights. Well done, Brian. You are a champion LCO!

Thanks to our Scouts for coming out and flying your recently made rockets. I’m glad that we could “fish” one out of the tree for you.

See you in February!

Number of Flights: 129
A281X 2 Stage
D101X 2 Stage
Total Number of Motors: 131
Approximate Total Impulse: 285.00 Ns (equivalent to a large H motor)
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