January 5, 2018

Happy New Year fliers!

Welcome to all who joined us on this crisp and mildly windy but lovely day, particularly to the new fliers and visitors. We’re really pleased to be able to serve you with a launch venue to help you to grow your rocketry skills and enjoy this educational hobby! We are thrilled with your interest and excitement for Model Rocketry and look forward to seeing you again on a warmer day! Note: once the sun began to warm up things, we had a really comfortable cool to enjoy.

Thanks also to everyone with their helping set up and tear down of our facility for launching. We greatly appreciate your willingness to step up and make setting up and tearing down manageable. Thank you also to the Little Big Econlockhatchee State Forest crew who keep the field for us. We appreciate your care for these natural facilities and appreciate your allowing us to use them to serve the community.

Thanks to our vendors, Jonrocket.com and Tom Tweit for their presence and service. It’s great to have you provide onsite supplies.

Our launches varied widely due to the varying winds from the North west. Several of the launches were two stage or clustered motors. Several spools, and other creative rockets including several mid-power F-G models. We enjoyed watching several LOC birds fly high and recover safely. Though we are sad to have one helicopter recovery rocket land in the trees, but do hope you come back and find it down and accessible. Once again, I had quite a pile of launch cards to go through to gather the detail. We used 87 motors today, not as many as December, but then the cold did make it difficult to be out in the morning. Hunter’s two stage drifter lived up do its name, though it did land in the east corner of the field. Thanks Chris for flying your Saturn D too.

Also, thanks to Kirby for helping us retrieve our “birds” from the trees!(when possible). I don’t think that you had too much business today!

We look forward to seeing you again in February. Keep an eye out for updates here!

Number of Flights: 0
B341 two stage
D31 two stage
Total Number of Motors: 88
Approximate Total Impulse: 215.31 Ns (equivalent to a medium H motor)
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