Launch Recap for July 2, 2016

Hot! Humid!  Florida! and Fun!  Yesterday was another beautiful day with excellent conditions,  plenty of visibility, minor to calm winds, and lots of fliers.  What a great day!  Even with all of the rain this past week, the field was mostly dry.  I did find a couple of puddles.

Welcome to all who joined us!  We are so glad that you joined us expecially Mr. Z’s interns!  We’re really pleased to be able to supply the launch experience for your internship and work on growing your skills!

We’re really pleased with having all of the regulars, JonRocket and Tom Tweit as vendors on site too.   Thanks for coming and “sweating it out” with us.  Again, thanks Brian C. for serving as LCO for another really full day.   Thanks to everyone with their helpfulness, patience in getting onto the pads, and help setting up and tearing down.

We saw a few complex rockets and some very nicely finished sport rockets.  2 more G motor flights using delayed parachute deployment too, a nice techie touch to recovery and keeping larger rockets on the field.  The interns flew their Wizards and Alphas multiple times and a number of semi-scale rockets made their way up and down safely.  I think that the only rocket not recovered was the two stage with stability issues.

We are also very grateful to the Little Big Econ State Forest for mowing the field (we noticed!) and allowing us to use the field thereby allowing us to serve the community and help others with learning about safe rocketry.

See you on August 6?

2015-06-06-09-53-59_ROCK 029.jpg

Arial view of our launch site.


Number of Flights: 77
B372 - 4 clusters
C221 Two Stage
Total Number of Motors: 86
Approximate Total Impulse: 251.88 Ns (equivalent to a medium H motor)
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