Launch Recap for June 4, 2016

Another rather warm but also beautiful day with excellent conditions,  plenty of visibility, minor to calm winds, and lots of fliers.  What a great day!

Welcome to all who joined us!  We really enjoyed being with you, growing in skill, and having a “blast”(off) with you!

Thanks Brian C. for your serving as LCO for another really full and fun day.   The launch count surprised even me, particularly given the number of launches in the C through G range.  Nearly  half of our launches today were C or higher impulse.  Today’s total: 98 launches.

Thanks to everyone with their helpfulness, patience in getting onto the pads, and help setting up and tearing down.  Some of the successes of the day included 3 successful launches and recoveries of Zach’s Star Trooper rocket ( just a hair bigger than an Estes Mosquito)  AND 3 F and 4 G motor launches.  Several of the larger flights used delayed parachute deployment too, a nice techie touch to recovery and keeping larger rockets on the field.  Harold the Purple Crayon graced the sky with his bright purple parachute, and a number of semi-scale rockets made their way up and down safely.

Gary D. also flew his vintage 1973 MPC Dual Glider “Lunar Patrol”- twice with really beautiful glides.

We also saw four 2 stage rocket launches- all successful!  On the not so hot side: only one rocket managed to find a tall tree, and stay.  One almost hung up on the power line, but managed to catch a breeze and fall off.  Otherwise, I believe all other rockets were recovered.

Thanks also to Little Big Econ State Forest for allowing us to use the field, and allowing us to serve the community, help others with learning about safe rocketry.

See you in July?  We will be sending out an email asking if you plan to join us Saturday July 2, conditions permitting.

Number of Flights: 98
A221 Two Stage
B332 Two Stage
C291 Two Stage
Total Number of Motors: 103
Approximate Total Impulse: 398.52 Ns (equivalent to a small I motor)
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