Launch Recap for March 1, 2014

Question:  What do a beautiful Saturday in March and two wet feet have in common?

Answer:  88 rockets launched in a wet field.

Yes indeed!  The field looked dry- for the most part, but I had no sooner ventured into what looked like a safe “high ground” location, than I had two wet feet.  The worst part was I could see that others were already waiting to head onto the field and we didn’t know what the low ground was like and whether we would be able to launch.  On top of that about 24 cub scouts of Cub Scout Pack 78 in the Little Econ District of the BSA Central Florida Council and their families/leaders were also waiting.  We had two scrubs due to uncooperative weather already in 2014.  These folks were eager to fly and earn their model rocketry badge!

So, we adapted and flew from the west side of the field.  Most of the 33  1/2A flights were these cubs and their really nicely done Gnome rockets.  Bright Yellow with “official” pack decals, and lots of motors–we were thrilled to host them!

While some of our regulars were likely having a blast at the NARCON conference in Titusville, we were blasting off in Oviedo.

Unfortunately, our regular photographer, Roger, was not present, so we don’t have any photos up.  If you want to change that, let us know and we’ll get some memories up to share!

The one two stage C rocket (C6-0, C6-5) that was fired became our YOLO rocket (You Only Launch Once) as it soared off to the south on some rather stiff upper wind currents.  Otherwise, we recovered all rockets on the field-mostly dry. 🙂

We did find a black and white rocket named Screamer in the ready to be rebuilt mode.  If you lost it.  Let me know, I’ll be glad to provide the parts for reconstruction.  Thanks also for help in getting the TARC rocket out of the one tree.  The team really appreciates having it back.  Tom D also found a nice coffee travel mug that looked like it escaped from an open vehicle door.  If you lost your mug, I can help you find it!

Join us again first weekend in April!




Number of Flights: 88
C161 two stage rocket
Total Number of Motors: 89
Approximate Total Impulse: 139.84 Ns (equivalent to a large G motor)
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