Launch Recap for May 1, 2021

Our thanks again to the gracious offer of the Sanford Aeromodelers RC Fliers for hosting us for another beautiful day May launch!   Today was wonderful, clear and not too breezy.

Welcome too all new fliers! We’re really glad you could join us with your newly built rockets. Also to the new modelers joining us. We hope that you had a fun time and will join us again in June!

We launched quite a bit this time as the number of aircraft fliers was lower than usual because of damage to the runway caused by wild boar.  While the aeromodelers were doing their repairs, we launched several consecutive racks.  Our numbers were down this month, so we still had room for more to join in the fun with our 25 launches. We fly in segments, similar to our typical launch and while we are prepping our rockets for launch, the RC Fliers are getting in airtime.

Do you still have rockets waiting to get off the ground?  Consider giving it a go with us in June. Hope to see you then!

Here’s a video of some of our January Launches:  Enjoy


Number of Flights: 25
Total Number of Motors: 25
Approximate Total Impulse: 46.88 Ns (equivalent to a small F motor)
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