Launch Recap for May 7, 2022

Beautiful temperatures, light clouds, some higher than moderate winds, and not a lot of fliers made this a relaxed time AND a great launch day. We also launched __ rockets and kept most on the field. Well done fliers!  Speaking of fliers, we had 32 folks at the launch.  A quiet day.

Welcome too all our new fliers! We’re really glad you could join us with your new rockets. Welcome also to the new and returning adult modelers. We hope that you had a fun time and will fly with us again. Please let us know how we can better serve your needs! I had fun getting to know you and your creations.  I saw some nicely done models and specialty rockets as well as 3D printed nose-to-fin Gnome looking types.  They were stable and flew really high on an A3-4T!

Thank you for allowing us to help you get your rockets off the ground and for the joy of investing in your day of flying rockets! We enjoy seeing kids really engage in Model Rocketry and learning from the fun.   Nick R. flew several 1/2 lofter qualifier flights with a good duration and huge streamer.  Bill did watch is one lightweight “Crossfire” parachute off into the east.  Tom’s tube rocket headed west, lost a tube fin on the way through the trees, but was on the ground.  On recovery, we even found a couple of rocket skeletons in the forest, brought them out, and have the parts for any needing a couple spares.  One is an Amazon?  Anyone need some parts for a rebuild??

Chris M also flew his “High Roller”  toilet paper tube tube rocket featured in this month’s  Sport Rocketry magazine.  Check it out NAR members! Plans included.  Build your own version an fly it in June!  My wife even agreed to start collecting tubes for us to build one, maybe a rocket build date?  That will be novel and fun!

Mike, Chris,  and Kirby, thank you again for your help as LCO(Launch Control Officer). Kirby, thank you for your help in managing registration.

Thanks too to all who helped setting up and tearing down. You made a difference!

By the way, our March TARC team launch went well. Made several flights.  I forgot to ask Gary D.  how his team fared?  Maybe next launch.

Share with others what you learned from our time. We’re all learning!

See you in Junel,


Number of Flights: 55
A101 second stage
B232 in 1 -2 stage flight
C191 booster stage
Total Number of Motors: 57
Approximate Total Impulse: 84.84 Ns (equivalent to a small G motor)
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