Launch Recap for November 1, 2014


Our launch site finally dry, sunny day forecast, and all of a sudden, now we have a wind advisory??  This was the case  on our November 1 launch.  However, we were not totally shutdown.  The wind speed equipment purchased with NAR safety funds came in quite handy to note and keep us in safe operating limits.

We didn’t launch the bigger rockets, and gliders were definitely not on the list of advisable options.   We did still have a good number of folks and the opportunity to enjoy rockets taking off like a Banshee. (literally– one was the Estes Banshee)

In addition to the standard rocket types, several Odd-roc types appeared, including pyramids, saucers, Gyrocs, and spools.  All flew, some better than others, and one -Tom T’s White Knight “like a Banshee” on a G126.  Fast hardly expresses the take off speed.

We kept a particular eye out for smaller rockets which got carried further than usual, and if you lost a small Black and Yellow rocket named Wacky Racer, I have news for you.  We did find it in the neighboring field.  Contact us to work out a return to you!  We think that you left just prior to our recovering it.

See you in December!!

Number of Flights: 41
A111 cluster
Total Number of Motors: 42
Approximate Total Impulse: 109.53 Ns (equivalent to a medium G motor)
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