Launch Recap for November 13, 2021

We did launch at the LBESF Barr Street field Saturday! The field was dry enough in spots to get onto.  Roger thinks that it rained Friday as there was a good bit of standing water in the low spots that he did not see on his pre-launch check..  We had two “splashdowns” and were able to recover without damage.  Winds were minimal, and visibility good.  I want to thank the State Forest staff for the mowed field. 

We had no trouble finding rockets that landed among the bunches of mowed grass!

Turnout was small but a warm welcome too all new fliers! We’re really glad you could join us with your new rockets. Welcome also to the new and returning adult modelers. We hope that you had a fun time and will fly with us again in December!

Roger tested a new pad design for the “C” pads.  I used one and found it really easy to adjust.   I found and corrected the issue with the “A-3” pad. The controller is back up to spec. and ready for our next launch. 

Thanks too  Roger and Chris for your help during the launch and others for your help setting up and tearing down. I really appreciate your volunteering….sure made the tasks go quickly!

Do you still have rockets waiting to get off the ground?  Consider giving it a go with us in December. Hope to see you then!  In the meanwhile, enjoy some wonderful time with family in this Thanksgiving season.


Number of Flights: 28
A111 second stage
C41 booster stage
Total Number of Motors: 29
Approximate Total Impulse: 39.14 Ns (equivalent to a large E motor)
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