Launch Recap for November 2, 2019

The November ROCK launch was great!

Several new fliers came and we were really glad to help you to the launch of your rockets.  Welcome and come again.

Thanks to Kirby for helping out as LCO for the day.  I know that you didn’t get to go find rockets and tromp the woods like you normally do, but we certainly appreciate your stepping up.

Thanks also Roger and Bracha for keeping us supplied with Jonrocket supplies.  We appreciate your ongoing participation with our section.

I know that most rockets kept to the field(s).  With the westerly winds, we did use the extension to the east.

Thanks also to the folks who help us with providing a great place to launch and share our love of rocketry.  We are grateful to be able to serve the community with STEM activity and support.  Come join us and share your enjoyment and learning with others.

Number of Flights: 79
A141 two stage
B411 two stage, 1 three cluster
Total Number of Motors: 83
Approximate Total Impulse: 240.47 Ns (equivalent to a medium H motor)
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