Launch Recap for November 3, 2018

Yeah!  We were able to launch again!  Another nice Florida “fall” day and good turnout showed our eagerness to fly!  Once again, we enjoyed the lovely surroundings at Little Big Econ State Forest field.  This day we shared the field with some nearby bald eagles, who visited early and disappeared before we got too far into the day.  We really enjoyed seeing the pair of male eagles crowning the nearby Cell tower.

We are so glad to have you visit and fly with us.  Great job to all who kept their flying confined to the field and from the rocket hungry trees!  I believe all but one rocket managed to escape the upper reaches of the trees.  This time however the tree won.  Our pole was way too short!

Our flights were much more conservative in nature this time, given the higher winds prevailing from the north.  This meant that our recovery area smaller or was less accessible and overgrown with plenty of “tough-to-navigate” vegetation.   The feature of flights today were the specialty landings.  Flights that had long delays and ejected closer to the ground, causing a lot of “Oh no, Oh my, Yeah!! WHEW!” responses, or ones that managed a special landing…like on the safety boundary tape or the one that parachuted to slide off the tent and into the Jonrocket trailer…”Hole in one.”  Ace rocketry incorporated!  How about the Mars lander that stuck the four footed landing!!

We did experience more difficulty with our launch control fire button.  About half way through the day it gave up.  Fortunately, we had a spare controller on hand and managed to keep going with one bank of 4 pads while emergency surgery repaired with a new “temporary” button install.  After a few tense moments on the surgery table, the patient came out and went right back into service!  My apology for not getting that fixed earlier.  I had the replacement button in my pocket! (Just in case!)

One other note:  Pat McCarthy visited flew with us and encouraged our participation in  NARCON 2019 to be held at Port Canaveral CCAFS March 1-3, 2019.  More information can be found on the website.  Keep an eye out for updates as we get closer.  Do email Pat or Jim with your availability to serve as a volunteer and get some added benefits!

Have a great Thanksgiving and see you December 1st!

Number of Flights: 63
A111 x 2cluster, 1x 3cluster
Total Number of Motors: 66
Approximate Total Impulse: 202.34 Ns (equivalent to a small H motor)
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