Launch Recap for November 4, 2006

We had another great day of flying! Welcome to all, particularly Tom, Madeleine, and Jack C., hopefully your first time experience will result in many return visits!

Thanks to Winston C. for your help yesterday in assisting as LCO!

We logged 44 flights across motor classes MMX thru G, but this time we did lose one rocket to a rather tall tree! Tom D’s “it’s supposed to do that” streamer recovery “Lawn Dart II” on a C6-3 landed in the very top of a tree after well over 500′ of horizontal traversing due to the strong winds. I guess we can call that one “retired”. Tom managed to place two others land in reachable low hanging branches, and had his Totaly tubular on streamer momentarily brush the power lines to cause the inevitable “Oh no!” only to watch the wind bring it on down. Whew! What is is with you and trees Tom?

Two other times, we recovered birds from the ground in the thicket to the west of the field. Most of the rockets made it up and down unscathed. Wind.

Despite the strong winds, we had several high flyers and even new flyers. Many thanks to Roger and Bracha for their donated RTF rockets for Madeleine C. and Jack C. We do enjoy seeing the young ones get a thrill out of sending up their own rocket, and these models were perfect to get them “off the ground”.

Our theme this month was Payloaders. Brian brought out his Wile E. Coyote “ACME” Rocket with Roadrunner parachuting as the unexpected payload on a streamer. Tom brought some electronic tracking payloads, got one to make lots of noise, but had trouble with the battery mount for the Radio Transmitter tracking device.

Brian C showed us some fun with two of his Micro Max birds (MMX) and gave us a fun thrill with his Fat Boink bounce recovery rocket.

Bracha Smith’s “Akavish ” Spider rocket flew again on a G38. The launch and flight were great, but the four-second delay still proved to be just a bit long…Nice ARC! He also flew his Sparrow Glider for a nice glide.

Dan W. braved the winds with his “Mean Machine” on a “D” and his “Meltdown” on and F21. Both flew nicely on the upside. The streamer on the Meltdown bird was slightly undersized and came back a little faster than expected. Can you say core sample? The rocket survived- only the motor mount thrust ring was knocked loose. Keep going Dan! Kristine K. also made’em fly with her Little Purple and Lucky 7–which took a little persuading to get off the pad, but finally did.

Gliders and copters next time. Come on out!

Number of Flights: 44
Total Number of Motors: 44
Approximate Total Impulse: 127.03 Ns (equivalent to a medium G motor)
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