Launch Recap for November 5, 2022

Comfortable temperatures, light clouds, and Rain Showers, yes twice!  We saw the rain coming across the field and decided to unplug  take quick cover.  After the drencher passed, the clouds parted, we started again, and put up another couple of racks of rockets before we repeated the pack up around 12:00PM.  

So after a long wait to launch given all of the wet summer weather (and field.) 

Upper atmosphere winds made each C and D launch a gamble, even with streamer recovery.  We had a couple of rockets disappear over the west woods horizon and recovered 3 of 5.  The two stage upper stage is somewhere in orbit and the “Little Green Man” is unfortunately hanging out on the nearby power ground wire.   I cannot remember the last time we put a rocket onto the wires, it’s hard to do.   We  still  launched 26 rockets and kept most on the field.

Welcome too all our new and returning fliers!  We hope that you had a fun time and will fly with us again. Please let us know how we can better serve your needs! I had fun getting to know you and see your creations. 

Thank you for allowing us to help you get your rockets off the ground and for the joy of investing in your day of flying rockets! We enjoy seeing kids really engage in Model Rocketry and learning from the fun. 

Thanks everybody for your help in setup and tear down.  FYI, I cleaned up all the igniter clips yesterday night.  Ready for December.   Get those rockets ready!

Number of Flights: 27
C121- 2 stage rocket
Total Number of Motors: 27
Approximate Total Impulse: 60.47 Ns (equivalent to a medium F motor)
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