Launch Recap for October 1, 2016


A full rack of well done rockets. One takes off from pad A2 on it's maiden voyage.

A full rack of well done rockets. One takes off from pad A2 on it’s maiden voyage.

Today was another beautiful day with WARM Florida temps.,  a partially cloudy day with good visibility, and low winds.   A recipe for a great day to launch! rockets.    We were a bit concerned for field conditions because of heavy rain Friday night, but found the field perfect for flying.

Welcome to all who joined us and particularly to the new fliers and those from the Alafaya Library Model Rocketry build event!    We’re really pleased to be able to serve you with a launch venue to help you to grow your rocketry skills!  We were impressed with your interest and excitement for Model Rocketry and look forward to seeing you again.

Thanks also to everyone with their helpfulness, patience in getting the pads set up, and ready for the launch.  We greatly appreciate your willingness to step up and make setting up and tearing down manageable.

Thanks to our vendors, and Tom Tweit for their presence and service.  Several mid-power launches to demonstrated larger composite motors(F-G).  All were recovered, I think.  Kirby was helping one of our fliers when we took down our launch gear.  I haven’t heard if that rocket was recovered.  Also, thanks to Kirby for helping us retrieve our “birds” from the trees!

This week the Orange County Library Alafaya branch sponsored a model rocket build event.  Eight students learned the basics about Model rocketry at the three evening event.  The library sponsored this event to support community activity, as part of their ongoing educational event schedule.  Of the 8 students participating, 5 joined in the fun today.  Our thanks to the parents too for participating and coming out today.  We love having families join along.   Some could not make today’s launch, but we hope to see you in November.

With this event a success, plans to hold other build events sometime in 2017 are already in the making.

We are also very grateful to the Little Big Econ State Forest for allowing us to use the field thereby allowing us to serve the community and help others with learning about safe rocketry.  Thank you for mowing the field!

Our next launch is scheduled for November 5!  See you then.

Number of Flights: 95
A171 x2 cluster
B331 x 3, 1 x 4 cluster
Total Number of Motors: 101
Approximate Total Impulse: 267.66 Ns (equivalent to a large H motor)
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