Launch Recap for October 6, 2018

What a delightful day to be able to launch!  Decent temperatures, calm skies, mowed grass, and lots of flyers made the day really enjoyable.  Welcome to our new friends and welcome again to the Boy Scout Cub Pack!  Great to have you and we hope that you enjoyed flying model rockets as much as we enjoyed watching you fly.   Great job to all who kept their flying confined to the field and from the rocket hungry trees!

After several months of rain and “liquid real estate” on the field as well as the freshly mowed grass really being able to fly was a relief to all.  The turnout showed our eagerness to fly!

We had a good variety of rockets and gliders flying… Everything from Akavish the flying spider to Gary D’s 1971 Lunar Patrol first flown in 1971 and today making it’s 26th flight.  One of Gary’s patrol gliders decided to head into the forest and landed nearly 40 feet up in some Spanish moss on an oak. With a long pole and a little nudge, it did return to earth and back into Gary’s grateful hands!

Sputnik flew again, a few multi- stage rockets, one cluster bird, several gliders, spool rockets,  Space Shuttle Challenger( Zooch style), and a bunch of Boy Scout rockets brought the tally to 65 flights.  Chris M has made “pop-corn_ with his “nose blow recovery” CORN-ROC when the Estes A10 decided to cato just off the pad.   Chris will need to take that one up with Estes for a better flight next time?

Flights still remained lower to the ground as is evident from the impulse counts below and lack of complex models. Simple is good.

Have a great October and see you November 3rd!

Number of Flights: 65
1/2A31 - 2 stage
B232- 2 stage
C21 4x cluster
Total Number of Motors: 72
Approximate Total Impulse: 127.11 Ns (equivalent to a medium G motor)
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