Launch Recap for September 4, 2021

We were able to launch at the LBESF Barr Street field!  The field was dry enough, Saturday was wonderful, clear, and not too breezy.  Yes, the grass was a little high, but not very surprising given all of the recent rain!

Welcome too all new fliers! We’re really glad you could join us with your newly built rockets.  Welcome also to the new and returning adult modelers. We hope that you had a fun time and will fly with us again in October!  Our numbers were definitely up.  I know that I was eager to launch. 

We launched quite a few rockets.  My apologies to the issues with the “A” pads.  I am still unsure of what was happening.  I thought it was the controller, but could not confirm that as the issue.  Hopefully, this w0n’t hinder us in October.  

Thanks too Mike and Kirby for your help during the launch and Ella and others for your help setting up and tearing down.  I really appreciate your volunteering….sure made my job easier!

Do you still have rockets waiting to get off the ground? Consider giving it a go with us in October. Hope to see you then!


Number of Flights: 59
A261 two stage
Total Number of Motors: 60
Approximate Total Impulse: 94.22 Ns (equivalent to a small G motor)
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