Launch Recap for September 6, 2014

Greetings ROCK fliers!

Saturday was an incredible fly day.  Skies were cloudy–kept the temperatures down, humidity was tolerable, winds were calm, field was dry, grass was mowed, and we had several new fliers join us!  Welcome fellow Rocketeers!  Great to have you!

A number of the usual rockets appeared throughout the day:  Big Bertha, Big Daddys, Big Crayola rockets, PINK rockets, saucer rockets and odd rockets.  Only one was lost, in the neighboring field after it rocketed off to the East. It was small and we quickly lost track.  Greg tried for 2 hours to locate, no joy.

As you can see from the impulse stats, we put rockets UP.   Several multi-stage, a couple of cluster models, one with video onboard, and a few bigger ones really gave all variety to enjoy. With the calm winds, and limited thermals, almost all landed in the field.  Rocket eating trees were starving when we left.

Chris M had along several of his newest “Odd’l fare including his “Little Green Man” flying  arrow straight on a C6.  Tom Tweit brought out his full complement of mid-power gear and kits, and Roger and Bracha Smith with JonRocket supplied us with their broad selection of available kits and support gear.  We’re glad to have you with us.  Thank you for supporting our launches.

Keep an eye out for drone video and photos on

See you in October!

Number of Flights: 52
A61(third stage)
B241(two stage)
C201(second stage)
D133(cluster), 1 (first stage)
Total Number of Motors: 69
Approximate Total Impulse: 239.22 Ns (equivalent to a medium H motor)
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