November 4, 2017

Good Day! Blue sky, good visibility, and low winds. We were a bit concerned for field conditions given that the State Forest has been in recovery from Irma mode but they had the field mowed and ready for us. We’re grateful for the opportunity to fly in a great location. We were diligent to keep a good watch the larger rockets that might be of concern but managed them all well.

Welcome to all who re-joined us and particularly to the new fliers and visitors. We’re really pleased to be able to serve you with a launch venue to help you to grow your rocketry skills! We were impressed with your interest and excitement for Model Rocketry and look forward to seeing you again. We were also glad to have a Boy Scout troop fly with us. We’re grateful that you joined us and are pleased to serve you. Also pleased, to serve T. Miller, with his science fair altitude experiments.

Thanks also to everyone with their helping set up pads, safety perimeter, and the other items. We greatly appreciate your willingness to step up and make setting up and tearing down manageable.

Thanks to our vendors, and Tom Tweit for their presence and service. Several of the launches were two stage or clustered motors. Several spools, and other creative rockets kept us on our toes. The higher number of mid-power launches demonstrated our ability to safely launch and recover larger composite motors(F-G). I had quite a pile of launch cards to go through to gather the detail. We used 118 motors today!

Also, thanks to Kirby for helping us retrieve our “birds” from the trees! Even when the rockets are way up he works to improvise poles to retrive.

We look forward to seeing you again December 2. Have a great Thanksgiving holiday!

Number of Flights: 111
B301 two stage, 4 in clstr
C291 two stage
Total Number of Motors: 118
Approximate Total Impulse: 368.12 Ns (equivalent to a small I motor)
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