Current Launch Status

Our next launch is scheduled for June 5th. The current launch status is Go for Launch.

  • Go – everything looks good for the launch
  • Hold – we are watching the weather or other issues that might cause us to cancel the launch
  • Scrub – the launch is cancelled 

Until we are once again able to use the Barr Street Trailhead launch site, ROCK will be holding its monthly launches at the flying field for the Sanford Aero Modelers. We will begin setting up around 9:00 in the morning and start flying soon afterwards. We can use assistance setting up.

We will prep our rockets while the R/C modelers are flying their airplanes then launch during their breaks.

Due to the size of the field and the presence of other people, please limit the altitude that your rockets will fly to about 400 feet. Also, wearing of masks and social distancing will be strictly enforced.

The Sanford Aero Modelers’ site is located at

State Road 46
Geneva, FL 32732

28.767353°, -81.153055° (28° 46′ 2.471″ N, 81° 9′ 10.997″ W)