Current Launch Status

Our next launch is scheduled for January 6th. The current launch status is Go for Launch.
Hurray!! The weather is good and hurricane debris clean-up
has completed enough to allow the next scheduled ROCK
launch to occur this Saturday November 4th!

The Little-Big Econ State Forrest has reopened and the
Barr Street field is prepared for our arrival & range setup
before 9am.

It has been a loooong time since we’ve been able to hold
a launch, so let’s be extra diligent with the safety procedures.
Don’t forget to bring water/Gatorade, snacks, hats and sunscreen.
With all the standing water, mosquito repellent might be a good
choice as well.

ROCK’s September Launch – September 2, 2017

Unfortunately, we have to scrub the upcoming launch on Saturday due to poor field conditions. The site is very muddy & wet. The ditches are flooded and has not been mowed. The field would not dry out in time for … read more »