Launch Information

ROCK’s launches are held at the Barr Street entrance of the Little Econ Trail in Oviedo on the first Saturday of each month. We usually begin setup at 9:30 am, conduct a safety brief at about 10:00 am and end around 2:30 in the afternoon, though we will continue to fly as long as attendees wish to continue launching rockets.

While you are welcome to bring your own launch equipment, ROCK provides launch pads with standard size rods from 1/8″ to 1/4″ in diameter and a launch controller capable of launching cluster-powered rockets.

Our next launch is scheduled for November 5th. The current launch status is Hold If you are unsure of the weather, please call our “Status Hotline” at (407) 588-7401 on the day of the launch to confirm the current launch status.

Launches are cancelled if bad weather is expected, for a high drought index (typically KBDI>600) or prevailing conditions that would put the Little Big Econ State Forest property at risk from our activity.

You do not have to be a member of ROCK to attend the launches and those wishing to just come and watch are welcome.

Some items you may wish to bring to the launch include:

  • rockets and rocket “stuff” (of course- motors, igniters, spare parts, extra streamers or parachutes in case of wind condition changes or problems.) We supply wadding, launchers and help!
  • folding chairs
  • sun screen
  • bug repellant
  • portable sun shade
  • cooler with drinks
  • lunch
  • Launch fees

Launch fees for non-ROCK members are $2 per person (over 6 years old) to cover the usage fee charged by the Forest plus $5 for each person or family launching rockets to cover ROCK launch support. ROCK members pay only the $2 park usage fee. We collect launch fees to keep our launch equipment operational and to provide a fun and safe launch experience for all involved.

There are no restrooms at the launch site, but several restaurants and gas stations are located just a few miles away on Lockwood Blvd.

Because of the size of the field, we are limited to flying rockets with G motors or smaller and are limited to a maximum altitude of 2000 feet. Please note that “sparky” motors (such as the “Metalstorm” motors from Aerotech) may not be flown at ROCK launches.

Note: ROCK has special permission to use the Little Big Econ State Forest site for club launches once a month. Rocket launching is not permitted at the site at any other time without explicit permission from the Florida Department of Forestry.

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