Launch Recap for July 6, 2019

I believe that this is our first launch since April after weather related scrubs in May and June.  We sure are glad to see you all again and to enjoy a day…hot July day launching rockets.  All in all we had a great return to flying after our weather scrubs and a good day for flying.

With this year being the 50th anniversary celebration of the Apollo 11 moon landing, we did see the Saturn V models come out…and fly.  Three of them took to the sky in one day…from the Dr. Zooch scale to the Estes and Centuri model versions .  A happy sight indeed!

Roger placed some pics on the ROCK Facebook page!  Go have a look.

Welcome to our newcomers!  We are really pleased that you decided to join us.  We know that finding a good place to fly your model rockets  is challenging, but hopefully you found our launch both safe and fun.   Do plan to join us in August!  Bring along your new creations.

Thank you also for your help in set up and teardown, especially in the rain.  (The wetness did feel good!)

Thank you again to LBESF for servicing us and also for mowing the field!  The freshly cut grass made for some soft landings as the models gently touched down on the springy piles.

See you in August!

Number of Flights: 62
Total Number of Motors: 62
Approximate Total Impulse: 145.47 Ns (equivalent to a large G motor)
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