Launch Recap for April 3, 2021

We launched!  This is the first of hopefully more regular launches for our section.   Our thanks again to the gracious offer of the Sanford Aeromodelers RC Fliers for hosting us for a nice April day launch. Welcome too all new … read more »

Launch Recap for November 2, 2019

The November ROCK launch was great! Several new fliers came and we were really glad to help you to the launch of your rockets.  Welcome and come again. Thanks to Kirby for helping out as LCO for the day.  I … read more »

Launch Recap for March 7, 2020

The first launch of 2020 for ROCK. Not exactly the day we anticipated.  Though the cool clear skies were very inviting for a sweet day at Little Big Econ State Forest, the winds nearly kept us from launching.  Measured gusts … read more »

Launch Recap for October 5, 2019

Greetings ROCK Fliers! I was not at the October ROCK launch, but did collect the launch cards at the November launch.  Perhaps one of you can help fill in the blanks for what took place then. Interestingly enough, I left … read more »

Launch Recap for July 6, 2019

I believe that this is our first launch since April after weather related scrubs in May and June.  We sure are glad to see you all again and to enjoy a day…hot July day launching rockets.  All in all we … read more »

Launch Recap for January 5, 2019

Happy 2019, New Year fliers! Welcome to all who joined us on this lovely mildly windy but lovely day, particularly you new fliers and visitors. We’re really pleased to be able to serve you with a launch venue to help … read more »

Launch Recap for December 1, 2018

Although today’s weather was a bit questionable in terms of  precipitation, we did not experience any while I was at the field.  Most likely, those who like the warm and humid temperatures were enjoying “not hot but a still nice” … read more »

Launch Recap for November 3, 2018

Yeah!  We were able to launch again!  Another nice Florida “fall” day and good turnout showed our eagerness to fly!  Once again, we enjoyed the lovely surroundings at Little Big Econ State Forest field.  This day we shared the field … read more »

Launch Recap for October 6, 2018

What a delightful day to be able to launch!  Decent temperatures, calm skies, mowed grass, and lots of flyers made the day really enjoyable.  Welcome to our new friends and welcome again to the Boy Scout Cub Pack!  Great to … read more »

Launch Recap for April 7, 2018

Yet another windy launch day! Great job to all who kept their flying confined to the field and from the rocket hungry trees! Despite the really variable winds, multiple directions, up and down gusts, and altitude variations, the day surprised … read more »