What a day!  Blue sky, good visibility, and low winds. We were a bit concerned for field conditions because March has been so dry, but had no difficulties. We were diligent to keep a good watch the few rockets that might be of concern. We found the well-cut grass on field perfect for flying.  Although, we are hoping for some rain by next month.


Welcome to all who re-joined us and particularly to the new fliers and visitors. We’re really pleased to be able to serve you with a launch venue to help you to grow your rocketry skills! We were impressed with your interest and excitement for Model Rocketry and look forward to seeing you again.


Thanks also to everyone with their helping set up pads, especially Dave! I appreciate your allowing me to draft you into helping me prepare the launch clips.  We greatly appreciate your willingness to step up and make setting up and tearing down manageable.


Thanks to our vendors, Jonrocket.com and Tom Tweit for their presence and service. Several of the launches were two-stage or clustered motors. The higher number of mid-power launches demonstrated our ability to safely launch and recover larger composite motors (F-G). All other rockets except one second stage sustainer were recovered ... I think. I didn't hear if that rocket was recovered. I had quite a pile of launch cards to go through to gather the detail. We used 122 motors today!


Also, thanks to Kirby for helping us retrieve our “birds” from the trees! Sometimes, we know exactly where the rocket is and cannot get it, other times like today, all we need is a glint from a mylar parachute and a bit of a stretch upward onto our toes, and we have it!


In that today is April Fools Day, we did find it a bit unnerving to have three rockets find the nearby power wires. One glanced off the lower ground wire and made it to the ground safely, but two are still displayed on the upper power lines. Don't try to retrieve them! FPL has been contacted and will be on this with the rocket owners early this coming week. This rather unusual reality unfortunately happened to the last mid power flights of the day... no foolin'.


We also enjoyed a Del Taco stop on the way home. For those who took off prior to our being fully packed, hang around the next time with your family and enjoy some off field comradery!