Greetings to all you brave Rocketeers who put your sweat into the launch this past weekend! Yes, Saturday was HOT. We started around 9:20 to launch after all of the great help getting set up. Thank you so much for your help in setup and tear down, especially tear down--when most had already vacated the site! Those of you with kids, we are SO glad you braved the heat and fully understand that they don't do well when all that's left is to head home.


No rain, no rockets in trees, no lost rockets, (I think?--there was a green Viking size rocket that was spotted on descent, but I don't know if it was recovered.) We almost hung one rocket on the power lines but the slight breeze came at exactly the right moment to coax the parachute off the power line. We did have a couple of challenges with the A pads, I have the controller box to check out and fix. We don't like our equipment to hinder your flights! I'm on it!


Despite the heat, we had a great turnout and several new fliers. Welcome to all who came to watch and launch. We hope that you enjoyed your time and will come again in September. We had one 2 stage rocket that boosted into pieces, all recovered, fixable, and make for plenty of CATO excitement. We hope you get a good replacement response from Estes given the way the motors mis-behaved. Cory showed his "3D printed Takis Boom" off with a D12 motor. The vintage Gyrocopter flew perfectly, and we loved Will's speeches!(and entertainment!) Both of the E motor flights did nicely, with great altitude and stayed in our field. Way to go folks!


Maybe September will be a bit cooler? Keep on getting your rockets ready. See you then!!