Greetings to all you veteran and rookie Rocketeers who joined this past weekend! Yes, Saturday was BEAUTIFUL. Low winds, really nice temps and a welcome light cloudy sky made our day really enjoyable. Lots of great help in the setup made it possible to be flying quickly after the safety briefing. Thanks Mike for LCO'ing much of the launch. Great to have many new visiting and watching rocketeers. Thank you so much for your help in setup. You did well! Thank you also, especially with tear down--for those who finished up! Those of you with kids, we are SO glad you joined us.


Yes, the field dry, and the grass a bit high, but that didn't hinder us from a great time.


New rocket creations came out. We did lose a rocket the trees and one to the power line. Dylan's new creation landed just out of reach for my pole. Then there was the DUDE, well actually renamed to "Humongous." After several attempts and some on field repairs, Humongous took to the sky. Yes, Styrofoam cups do fly, not well, and "do a tumble recovery" well, no other issues. I tried to put up Carl's SLO-MO video, didn't work. Will try on facebook.


I don't remember all of the good flights and only got to fly one boost glider, but we sure shot a lot of rockets. Great time. 59 flights total!


Welcome to all who came to watch and launch. We hope that you enjoyed your time and will come again in November. Way to go folks!


Keep on getting your rockets ready. See you in November!