Warm Florida temperatures, light clouds, and lots of new rockets!  Minimal winds really emboldened many of our fliers to fly larger motors for higher flights. 


We thought the clean and replaced igniter clips would change the number of ignition issues we had last month.  It may have made a difference, but we also wonder if the newer Estes igniters short out more easily, especially if the retainer plug is not placed BETWEEN the wires. Keep a watch on this next month. It’s a theory. Maybe you can prove the theory in January?


The dry and mowed field caught most of the rockets. A few made it to the rocket eating trees and another to the field across 426–way across. Good altitude, decent parachutes and some upper-level winds pushed many to the edge of the woods despite our efforts to keep them on the field. Kirby pulled several back to ground after the trees threatened to keep them. Only one remained as a decoration at about 50 feet up–just out of reach in the very top of an oak. The “Little Green Man” from last month hanging out on the nearby power ground wire is gone, but his parachute is still marking the spot.


We’re grateful that most rockets went home with their owners! there were some really nicely modeled rockets, one two-stage, several D and E and one F impulse model. Even the SpaceX and Blue Origin versions began to appear. Carl came with his ULA models as well. Welcome back Carl!


Welcome to all our new fliers! We hope that you had a fun time and will fly with us again. Please let us know how we can better serve your needs! I had fun getting to know you and see your creations. 


Thank you for allowing us to help you get your rockets off the ground and for the joy of investing in your day of flying rockets! We enjoy seeing kids really engage in Model Rocketry and learning from the fun. 


Thanks everybody for your help in setup and tear down. Mike and Kirby for your help with the Launch Control Officer (LCO) post and flight management.  I suspect that many new rockets will be flying in January. We’ll be ready for you! Get those rockets ready!