Greetings Rocketeers.


Saturday was BEAUTIFUL and better than December, Low winds, really nice temps, a dry field, and a gorgeous blue sky made for an excellent launch day really enjoyable.


As always, your great help in the setup made it possible to be flying quickly after the safety briefing. Thanks Mike and Chris for LCO'ing much of the launch. Great to have many new visiting and watching rocketeers. You did well! Thank you also, especially with tear down--for those who finished up! Those of you with kids, we are SO glad you joined us.


Most of our flights ended well. Because of the light winds, we saw a number of higher power and lightweight rockets. Some of them became tree ornaments. The 4H TARC team managed a great test flight of their entry, unfortunately, it connected with a tree right on the west woods. Fortunately, it was low enough for Kirby to pole it down, albeit with some air frame damage. Good quality construction pays off and they did attempt a second test with the proposed and "mandatory" modifications! Carl brought out some new 3D printed parts on a Mercury-Redstone model, and flew his Delta Heavy model. It did have some premature separation on the boosters, so, the flight was not as picture perfect as some. I believe all was recovered in a suitable condition for yet another flight...maybe March? Chris showed his "Honest Goon", take off from the Honest John rocket. It flew great, but caught a breeze and landed in the trees. I didn't find out if it made it back to the field with Chris?


Cory/s Cobra Kai, gave us some excitement when two of the three D12-5 engines lost their nozzles on boost. Landed kinda rough. Nico persisted in getting his rocket to fly after 4 motor. new igniter. and finally new pad. Bingo! Gary D gave us a fun history lesson with his E20 powered "Door Knob to the Max Pecks Hotel Room" rocket--Code name for the astronauts checking into a hotel for their trainings which kept them from being recognized and swarmed with would be fans!


I don't remember all of the good flights remember Brian's Orbital Transport boost glider that just seemed to float after boost. It caught some nice thermals and just hung in the sky over the pads until finally exiting and gently landing in a patch of grass among the wart hog digs. Good choice for a location to put down. We sure shot a lot of rockets. Great time. 52 flights total!


Welcome to all who came to watch and launch. We hope that you enjoyed your time and will come again in March. Way to go folks!


Keep on getting your rockets ready for our March launch!