What a great launch day! Beautiful temperatures, clear skies, moderate winds and lots of fliers made this a great launch day. Yes, winds did help several rockets to become tree ornaments or to disappear in the west. We also launched 87 rockets and kept most on the field. Well done fliers!


Welcome to all our new fliers! We’re really glad you could join us with your new rockets.  Thank you for allowing us to help you get your rockets off the ground and for the joy of investing in your day of flying rockets! We enjoy seeing your kids really engage in Model Rocketry and learning from the fun. Welcome also to the new and returning adult modelers. We hope that you had a fun time and will fly with us again.  Please let us know how we can better serve your needs!


Mike and Kirby, thank you again for your help as Launch Control Officer (LCO). We really enjoyed seeing Bracha for a time and appreciate her help in managing registration.  


Thanks too to all who helped setting up and tearing down. You made a difference!


We are holding a special launch for contest fliers on March 19. If you have a rail rocket that you’d like to fly, by all means come out and fly. We may even get a few smaller rockets off in between the TARC team launches.


 Share with others what you learned from our time. We’re all learning!