Greetings Rocketeers.


Our Saturday launch was a great time...warm. but still decent temps, a dry field, and a gorgeous blue sky with light clouds.


As always, your great help in the setup made it possible to be flying quickly after the safety briefing. I had the privilege of LCO'ing much of the launch. Handing over to ?Rich? I think. I really had to get going to a family event and truly don't remember. Tell me and I'll put you in this spot!!. Great to have many new visiting and watching rocketeers. You did well! Thank you also, especially with tear down--for those who finished up! Those of you with kids, we are SO glad you joined us.


Most of our flights ended well. Because of the light winds, we saw a few higher power and lightweight rockets than prior launches. One tried to became a tree ornaments, almost made to the ground, but was caught 25' up. We were able to retrieve it with a pole. Hurrah!.


Cory/s "OVIEDO" Water tower made it's maiden flight, straight up, back down under chute and almost landed straight up. Julian flew his Space-X Falcoln 9 with a Jolly Logic chute release set for 200 feet. The chute release either did release and not come loose or not release until about 50 feet...which gave us all a thrill..and to start breathing again! I was so much concentrating on the LCO responsibility that I don't remember many of the other flights.

 Roger, Feel free to fill in the blanks with the remainder of the flights and any special ones. . Great time. 52 flights total!


Welcome to all who came to watch and launch. We hope that you enjoyed your time. We look forward to seeing you in June! Keep on getting your rockets ready!