I"m glad we got and early start. Thanks for your help in setup and tear down, especially tear down--I think we did that in record time. Given that the skies were threatening rain, and drops were spattering here and there, we were definitely motivated.


I wish that we had been able to launch the last rack. I'm sorry to those who had to pull their rockets. At least they stayed dry!


Great launch time today. Apart from the expected showers, we had a great turnout and several new fliers. Welcome to all who came to watch and launch. We hope that you enjoyed your time. Despite our preparations and adjustments, several rockets got left in trees including the Girl Scout TARC rocket. Wish the Girl Scouts well as they are heading to Nationals to compete with the top 100 teams in the US. They did really well this year. Congrats also to Gorge with his G motor rocket, It really flew well, and spot landed in the parking area with no issues. That was amazing. We had one 2 stage rocket with both stages C motors. It really got some good altitude.


Keep on getting your rockets ready. June 3 is coming! See you then!!


Update from the Girl Scout TARC team from the TARC nationals in Northern Virgina. Congratulations ladies! Note the costumes.