Rough Day at the launch....


The almost non-existent winds of January were replaced by irregular, direction-shifting, and somewhat stiff ones today. Though we never came close to our safety margins to stop launches our launches did "feed" the local western forested rocket-eating-tree area. For most fliers, a smaller motor and streamer landed them on the field, but often right on the edge or low brush of the woods. I pulled only one from a tree on the edge of the woods, but know of at least two others that are still decorating the trees. 


There are several pics from the day on our Facebook group page.


Welcome to all our new fliers! We hope that you had a fun time and will fly with us again. Please let us know how we can better serve your needs! I had fun getting to know you and see your creations. Thank you for allowing us to help you get your rockets off the ground and for the joy of investing in your day of flying rockets! We love seeing kids really engage in Model Rocketry and learning from the fun. 


Welcome again to the Orange County 4H Club and to the Girl Scout TARC team. Your test flights are honing in on the targeted objectives and I’m really glad you recovered alright. We're looking forward to your qualification this year! 


Most of our flights were in the A impulse range as expected given the windy conditions. Still, we had plenty of rockets to see and also lots of oohs and ahhs from first time viewers. I always enjoy the squeals and wows of our younger fliers. You keep me going!


Thanks everybody for your help in setup and tear down. Mike, Chris and Gary for your help with the Launch Control Officer (LCO) post and flight management. Thank you, Tom Tweit and Roger Smith with JonRocket for being there with needed launch supplies. Thank you Tom for also flying your flag. It worked well as a wind speed indicator too!


We’ll be ready for you in March! Get those rockets ready!