We had a great day at our new launch site. Turnout was small, probably due to the Labor Day holiday weekend. A total of ten flyers launched 38 successful flights - no rockets were captured by rocket-eating trees!


Winds were light and variable, shifting from east to west as the day progressed. This, combined with the width of the field encouraged flyers to stick to streamer recovery for the most part. It made our informal Streamer Duration event lots of fun for all involved.


New section members Roger and Bracha Smith wowed the group with their fuzzy spider Akavish on a G54-4. Roger also flew the day's only cluster - a Hydra 7 on two C6-5s..


Lucas Murphy presented a nicely constructed and finished PVC scratch-built called Blue Lightning. The tube fins stretched at an angle beyond the rockets aft end, resulting in a very stable and straight B6-4 first flight. The Blue Lightning also turned in a respectable 34.00 seconds in the streamer duration C-motor division.


In the A-motor division, Kyle Chung had times of 11.47 on his Estes Alpha and 12.16 seconds on the Estes Sizzler, both strong performers. But Tom Dennen squeaked by with a 13.21 on his Lawn Dart to take the lead. But despite many seasons of trying, once again the rocket failed to live up to its name!


Andrew Hicks took the B-motor streamer duration with a time of 18.47 using his Pink Streak.


In the C-motor division, Kyle Chung entered his reliable Estes Fat Boy obtaining 20.15 seconds. But it was Marcus Murphy that took everyone by surprise with his amazing 50.56 seconds on an Estes Wizard.


Congratulations to all the participants for a job well done!